Vertical Ad Format Now Available on Instagram

Starting today, you can create photo and video ads on Instagram in the vertical format. You can now upload up to 4:5 aspect ratio format on Instagram feed for photos and videos.

Since the beginning, we’ve been thoughtful about rolling out ads on Instagram to give businesses and consumers the best experience possible. And ad formats are no exception. Portrait has long been available on the platform for posts, and is a common format for consuming mobile content. Knowing this, we wanted to give advertisers everywhere greater creative flexibility by bringing the vertical format to Instagram ads.

Advertisers around the globe like Mulberry (@mulberryengland), Guaraná Antartica (@guaranaantarctica) and LG USA (@lgusamobile) are already taking advantage of this new format.

And in initial tests, businesses are seeing better view rates using this ad format. For instance, Brazilian soft drink manufacturer, Guaraná Antarctica, ran a vertical video ad showing the history of Guaraná. “Vertical formats in mobile advertising are of great interest to us. With Instagram being such an important platform for our brand, we were really excited to test. First results seem promising!” — Richard Lee, Guaraná, Digital Manager

In the US, LG USA Mobile ran a video ad in the vertical format showcasing its LG V20’s new audio features.

While these examples show that Instagrammers respond to vertical ads, we encourage you to experiment and find out which format — vertical, square or landscape — works best for the story you want to tell.

We’re excited to offer more flexibility for advertisers creating on Instagram, and can’t wait to see what you’ll create.


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