Upcoming Webinar Series Want to get more out of advertising on…

Upcoming Webinar Series

Want to get more out of advertising on Instagram? Learn from the experts who know them best — the teams that helped develop them. Our practical, instructor-led webinars can help you get smarter about how you use Instagram and other Facebook apps and services to grow your business. Tune in live to participate in the Q&As, or catch up later with Blueprint — our on-demand eLearning platform.

Take a look at the webinars coming up in the next couple of months:

Driving New Customer Acquisition with Facebook | October 25, 11 am Pacific Time

Calling all growing businesses! Learn how to demonstrate value to potential customers, how to make conversions painless and how to cultivate new customer relationships.

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Fueling Your eCommerce Business with Dynamic Ads | October 27, 11 am Pacific Time

Let’s make your dynamic ads work harder. Learn how to showcase your entire product catalog, how to reach out to shoppers who have already visited your site, and ultimately, how to drive more sales.

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Driving Sales with Creative Storytelling | November 1, 11 am Pacific Time

Tell a more compelling brand story with video and Canvas. We’ll discuss new ways to build awareness and motivate people to act, then take a look at a few businesses that set the creativity bar.

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Putting Creative Pre-Testing to the Test: How Research Informs Great Creative | November 2, 11 am Pacific Time

Are you confident with the creative you take to market? Join us for a case study of snack maker Frito Lay, and how pre-testing Facebook campaigns helped them evaluate and improve their work before it went live.

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How to Find Your Ideal Audience on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network | November 3, 11 am Pacific Time

People can only love your business if they’ve encountered it. Learn how to define a precise audience and reach them in highly personal ways with people-based targeting.

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Planning Brand Campaigns with Reach and Frequency | November 9, 11 am Pacific Time

Become a master campaign planner on Facebook and Instagram with our reach and frequency tool. We’ll share updates to the tool, and demo how to reach a larger audience and optimize your campaign frequency.

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Drive In-store Sales with the Store Visits Objective and Dynamic Ads for Retail | November 10, 9 am Pacific Time

Looking to sync your online and offline retail? We’ll walk you through our complementary solutions for driving and measuring store visits and sales.

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Getting Started with Bots: Automation and Messenger | November 15, 11 am Pacific Time

Over one billion people use Messenger every month, making it an easy way to personalize your customer service at scale. Get to know our new Messenger features and see how you can start using them right away.

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Driving Awareness and Sales with Video Solutions | November 17, 11 am Pacific Time

Explore how people are experiencing video on their mobile devices, and how you can use video on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network to help people discover and connect with your business.

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