The Intersection of Sports and Technology

Earlier today I had the chance to participate on a panel at the new home of the Atlanta Braves: SunTrust Park. After seeing the stadium progress (very cool!), we talked for 30 minutes about the intersection of sports and technology, especially the innovation opportunities that lie ahead.

Here are a few of the ideas discussed:

  • Teams want to use technology to enhance the fan experience, especially the downtime when the game isn’t happening (e.g. between innings, pitcher changeovers, etc.) and the community element
  • Bandwidth is no longer a concern at modern stadiums as every fan can stream video real-time, opening up new opportunities (drones? more cameras on wires?)
  • Startups play an important role in the sports technology world even though most will fail (it only takes one to change the world)

I’m excited about the future of sports and technology.

What else? What are some more thoughts on the intersection of sports and technology?

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